Good habits to lose weight do not rebound(Two)

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Inconvenience and want action skirt and shoes .

This will be the reason you lazy movement. Working people wear daily double “hate day high” walking inconvenient, So sit downstairs to the car, then take the elevator to the office door, After rarely sit down and stand up. If convenient point for a pair of flat shoes or heels fit dwarf, Diligent walk tall, is not it will not the same?


Able to walk the walk

You can go from work to go, to ride a bike to ride a bike, No way before considering car, bus case,

We must remember that seat to more people in need, This can also consume more calories, you do not have to spend money but also do good, And still lose weight, why not?


Attention to environmental protection

Allow themselves to be an environmentalist, if possible, to minimize the car, To ride a bike or on foot; walked away garbage bins, Not readily thrown on the ground and so on. Those who pay attention to environmental protection, people will consume more calories, Both to enhance their overall quality, but also consume more calories thing you want to do?


Less multiplication layer

If you want to take the elevator to the 10th floor, but on the 9th floor elevator opened, You’re waiting for it to close and then you take the floor or out of the elevator, walk their own level? The answer of course is to go one level to better themselves, their own level and waiting for the elevator to go close .Then by a layer of the time spent is about the same, However, consumption of calories climbing stairs a lot more than standing.


Eat more meals with little amount.

Calorie foods containing the same day, the score of one or two times to eat fattening food, But we must be careful not to let yourself go hungry, starving will be lowered metabolism.


Eat less fat

Your body burn fat calories needed, far less than the required calories of carbohydrates, You generally every one kilogram of fat intake, body you can put all of this into your body fat.


Dieting should not blind

If you do not have enough knowledge of nutrition, do not blindly rely on a diet to lose weight, Nutritional imbalance causes the body to slow down the metabolic rate automatically.

Banana diet (Three)

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First: banana for breakfast

Unlimited number of bananas, do not want to eat bananas a day can use other fruit instead, one at a time. Want to eat something else before you eat bananas, every 15 to 20 minutes to eat other foods.

Nutritionist, said:

Although the nutrient-rich bananas, the relative amount of heat is not low, A banana calories, about 80 to 100 cards, nearly half a bowl of heat, Pay attention to the cumulative total calories.


Second: When the drink boiled water

Bananas breakfast drink room temperature water, limited to the amount of drinking, ground to drink is OK.

Nutritionist, said:

In addition to drinking water can increase satiety, with banana consumption can lose weight because, Banana contains a wealth of soluble fiber and pectin, can promote bowel movements.


Third: do not eat after eight

Try eating dinner at six o’clock before, do not eat after eight, In addition, quit the habit of eating dessert after dinner.

Nutritionist, said:

Banana diet can be effective, in addition to the banana itself, Lifestyle changes should be quite big hero, Do not eat after eight, not late night before going to bed can be avoided by eating, Unable to consume calories into fat accumulation.


Fourth: 0:00 before bedtime

Develop later than 12:00 sleeping habits.

Nutritionist, said:

Late at night will cause metabolic rate, weight gain and weight loss is not valid.


Fifth: public write weight loss diary

Ha Machi reminded not to rely on banana diet breakfast bananas, Then you can do whatever they want. By weight loss diary wrote what to eat? What to do? How do you feel? You can record and view the weight loss process, You can also write openly declare their weight loss diary weight loss determination.

Nutritionist, said:

Many people say that diet is not effective, In fact, you can find rest in you diet or “not thin” reasons, Weight loss diary records can help themselves to ferret out these bad elements.

High-fiber low-calorie fruit drinks satiating

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As a result of modern busy lifestyle disorder, often do not eat on time ,In particular it is too late for dinner , overeating , etc., coupled with the pressure of work and life ,Order stomach power down, the body metabolism slows down, have constipation problem a lot of people .


Fruits are rich in dietary fiber, direct food or juice drink , The stomach has a decompression effect. At the same time ,It is rich in vitamins to give our tired bodies nutritional supplements.


Milk and soda fills you with a sense of satiety , and fruit together, Better adjustment gastrointestinal environment ,For questions or constipation due to fat accumulation caused by abdominal edema have a good effect.


Orange milk

Material : Oranges 1 , 1 tablespoon soy flour , sugar-free milk 100 ml, The oranges cut in half , with a squeeze of orange juice squeezer .Then the milk and orange juice, soy powder into fully mix.


Banana milk

Ingredients: 1 banana , a little cinnamon , sugar-free milk 130 ml. Peeled banana peel, then cut into small pieces , the banana ,Cinnamon and milk into the blender can be mixed .


Kiwi soda

Material : kiwi a low sugar soda 100 ml, The kiwi ‘s leather trimmed away , and then put the bowl with a spoon crushed pulp , Pour into a cup. If the fear of too much acid ,You can add honey and mix well according to personal preference .


Apple soda

Ingredients: apple half lemon 1 / 4 , low-sugar soda 100 ml, Wash the apples , to retain the peel , remove core ,Knife to chop the flesh . Then the lemon juice with a squeezer ,Pour the cup along with Apple.


Drinking method : once a week , with more than a drink instead of breakfast ,Half an hour before lunch and a drink , increase satiety ,Lunch will be decreased appetite , dinner as usual .


This is suitable for the following several drinks obesity :

1. summer when the body prone to edema

2 , can not successfully quit sweets

3 , easily irritable mood

4 , greedy , and timely no sense of fasting also want to eat


But these people should not drink such drinks :

1 , have stomach problems and other digestive disorders who

2 , high blood pressure , people with high blood sugar

3 , in or around the menstrual period and pregnant people

Healthy Diet Foods(Two)

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Efficacy advantages:

Comes to a healthy diet, it can be said not many foods like eggs , like the presence of so much controversy .But the latest research shows that adults eat a nutritious egg safe enough is enough .Eggs are rich in quality protein , can promote the growth and development of bones and muscles ; Rich in antioxidants , can play a good role in skin eye ; High content of vitamins and minerals , beneficial hair shiny and healthy nail growth .


Healthy eating :

Breakfast eat eggs, can play a very good slimming effect .Because eggs are rich in protein digestion it is more time-consuming. Morning protein intake will not cause the stomach to empty, all day ,In this way, the rest of you can eat a few meals point .Besides selecting the best selection of eggs or egg green pollution firewood eggs.



Efficacy advantages:

Yogurt is a very good diet food , it not only helps the stomach and intestines ,Resolve constipation can also help break down fat quickly .Studies suggest that sufficient intake of calcium in the body when you can burn more fat, The yogurt can help you solve calcium intake during weight loss caused by the shortage.


Healthy eating :

Cup of yogurt a day before meals to help digest food can be very good ,And if the yogurt to add some foods that can better weight loss .Such as green tea powder , green tea powder can choose to add a cellulose ,And yogurt together so it would be better .But some people are particularly fond of yogurt , is often a lot of yogurt in the meal ,May result in weight gain. This is because the yogurt itself contains some heat ,Equivalent to an extra meal intake of these yogurt calories , causing weight gain.



Lazy Diet Action(Two)

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Straight forward with the left foot first couch about a 45 degree angle , right foot remain intact.

Tighten the abdomen so that the lower back flat against the couch , and then left to recover for the preparatory action ,

Right foot straight forward . Left foot back and forth once considered a group, do 10 to 15 group .


Small reminder

Avoid watching television while working , watching TV because head will turn aside,

Excessive pressure tends to the spine .


Tiptoes at the foot squatting movement

Utility: tight buttocks and stimulate heart rate


Preparatory action with your feet together, toes open 90 degrees, heel lift off the ground, Hands on a solid desktop.



Knees bent feet to the squat , squatting hips and knees should be as high .Finally, back to anticipation , back and forth to do a total of 20 to 25 under .

Small reminder

Stand up straight when each clamping hips, squatting low the more the greater the effect , However, if the hips lower than knees, easily lead to pressure on the knee .To increase the challenge of balancing can also be hands on his hips , does not help desk.


Nice Bottom leg


Preparatory action feet spread shoulder width , hips , knees and heels in a straight line,

Place your elbows on the table with both hands , shore up the upper body.



Left knee bent, so that the thigh and lower leg vertical , upper body to remain intact , close lower abdomen .



Vertical leg and thigh kicks up together , adjust the height according to personal circumstances .

Back to the preparatory actions for doing , were doing while doing 15 down 30 down .


If you can not do push-ups when the body burden can be done kneeling on the couch , But avoid election too soft sofa. Daily use of scattered neutral do 30 minutes of exercise , Focus is to maintain the standard posture, the physical can load conditions , try to strength pulled .

Diet weight loss program(One)

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First detox diet , detox diets to lose weight of course, depend on it ! Today, I will introduce the fiery five weeks detox weight-loss plan , Adhere to the following method to do down , there will be unexpected weight loss !



Empty body waste 1 week

The stage goal : happy burning calories all hinder all waste excreted .

Interference factors: biscuits, bread, butter , chocolate, carbon and water drinks, juices , meats , cheese and so on. These foods ingested easily emptied in a timely manner , it is best not to put in their own refrigerator often tempted myself.


Routine nutrition: essential daily meals of all kinds of fresh seasonal vegetables , fruit, yogurt , fish or seafood. In addition, also ready for plenty of delicious low-fat , feeling hungry, eat at ease .


Low-fat foods without taboos include:

Milk ( rich in dietary fiber and plant fiber , helps you to burn body fat ) ;Cereal ( low sugar , dietary fiber-rich ) ;Green tea ( polyphenols which can activate the enzyme activity in vivo , which will help detoxify and promote glucose metabolism ) ,Sugar substitute ( one kind of artificial sweeteners , made ​​from glucose and other ingredients , easy to digest ) ;Honey ( can promote metabolism, elimination of body waste ) ;Sesame oil ( with sesame edible vegetable oil as raw material , easily digested and absorbed by the body ) ;Balsamic vinegar ( rich in 10 kinds of essential amino acids, can significantly relieve constipation ) ;Mineral water ( rich in calcium ) .


Homemade detox drink a bowl of soup before dinner , formal dinner may need to drink freely . Approach: first half trees to prepare cabbage, 6 carrots, 2 bell peppers, 1 celery, 8 potatoes ( peeled ) , a parsley , 2 cloves garlic, 6 onions, Eleven washed, and then about 3 liters of water to boil, Then pour into all these vegetables all cooked , you can eat.


Cabbage diet(One)

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Recently in Japan, many of the mainstream media frequently exposed cabbage diet, Successfully attracted public discussion, More physicians claiming to rely on their own cabbage diet ,Success in three months lost 27kg, Also improves the metabolic syndrome problem .


The doctor cut meat critical success is very simple , only five principles:

1. day before dinner will eat about 1/ 6 cabbage .

2. raw cabbage , add the sauce is not salad dressing , but the lemon juice.

3. If tired of eating lettuce , cabbage can also be heated in a microwave oven for 2 minutes, And other vegetables mixed together, when to eat salad !

4. The most important thing is to one day be sure to consume 70g of tofu , fish , milk , eggs or meat , Staples as rice intake less than usual 2/3 .

5. Choose sesame oil , olive oil or perilla oil !


Cabbage amazing weight loss results ? Just before each meal to eat a bowl of cabbage can be thin ? Is it true ? In fact, every day before dinner to eat 1/ 6 of the cabbage in addition to enhance satiety,

But also increase the amount of vegetables intake, So compared to its weight loss, more importantly, to improve the eating habits !


Cabbage can improve immunity, prevent cancer and heart disease, Its anti-aging , antioxidant capacity has also been widespread attention . Tried the cabbage diet corporate logs also found

So while the weight loss from successful people, Most people seem to mention are improving long-term constipation. So if you want to reach weight loss slimming effect , Probably still want to do it long-term war !


How to lose weight by cabbage?

Cabbage high fiber indeed exclude the old waste material ,And now widely popular cabbage diet is divided into two kinds :

1.Three meal has a meal instead of eating cabbage dinner .

2. Eat a bowl of shredded cabbage meal after , eat meals.

However, these two methods, that have the effect than said second kind !

Changing habit to be thinner (1)

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1.Order the dishes forwardly.

When dining out with others, without modesty sometime, Instead, take the initiative to apply for a la carte, so you can taste at the same time take care of companion, Point some light and healthy dishes. If you let someone else go a la carte, That finally served, you are more likely to shun fatty foods, Worse, when these fatty foods appear in your eyes, You may not be able to resist the temptation to live their delicious!


2, select homemade juices

Not only high-sugar carbonated drinks fever fattening, Also affect the body’s absorption of calcium .If you must drink sweet drinks, then to choose low-sugar points, The real low-calorie fruit juice, vegetable juice or soy milk, Some restaurants will offer homemade corn juice, pumpkin juice, cereals juice, Although the price is expensive, but it is more beneficial to health.


3, choose fresh cold dish

Healthy dish choices are vegetables (such as raw mixed vegetables, dipping vegetables), Starchy foods (such as buckwheat, fern root powder), Rhizome foods (such as lotus root, Chinese yam) and fruit salad and vegetables, Also be coupled with twelve little fat meat and fish and soy products. These appetizers with fresh foods, can guarantee a meal in dietary fiber and potassium and magnesium intake.


4, the main course choose steamed, boiled, fried dishes practice

Try to choose the best entree fresh flavors of dishes, Want to lose weight you may wish to choose steamed, boiled, fried dishes practice, In addition you can also choose to eat less of those weekdays own vegetarian food, Such as fungi, senior vegetables, nuts, etc., these vegetarian only promote health, Also reduce the burden on the digestive system, is more conducive to slimming shaping.


Summer heat loss of appetite, overall calorie intake is not high, So girls are slimming effect.

Instead, the cooler autumn weather , appetites, Unknowingly eating too much ; More importantly, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, Many girls are difficult to resist the temptation of delicious moon cake , Weight will naturally rise.


1. can not moon cake for breakfast

Some people also like to save some moon cake , habits and eat it as breakfast . If you eat breakfast moon cake , so human intake of fat and sugar is too high, However, the protein a day , but not required , For a long time can cause physical changes in nutritional status . Therefore moon cake can not be used as staple food, Do one kind of afternoon snacks and meals eaten will be better ; Three meals a day , according to the principle of reasonable eating nutritionally balanced .


2. ” sugar-free moon cake ” can not eat

Sugar-free moon cake is to rely on sweeteners to improve the taste , But it does not say that there is no sugar in the moon cake . Sugar-free moon cake on the market because it contains starch,

Itself is a polysaccharide.

Including fruits , vegetables, vegetarian moon cake stuffing , As long as the skin contains starch ,

These carbohydrates are converted into glucose may , Resulting in hyperglycemia. So the obese , If you eat moon cake the day , Rice should be reduced and the intake of fat , in order to balance the day diet.


3. do not eat moon cake with porridge

Some people like to eat porridge when equipped moon cake , One can replace the previous, there are fresh ; Two to easily fill the belly . Moon cake with porridge really easy to import , But even unknowingly eaten half full months , The moon cake calories will reduce the very high metabolism.

Yogurt diet(Two)

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Yogurt diet principles, The most important is to lose weight control calorie intake , Consume more calories than it consumes fewer calories , weight will slowly become lighter . Therefore, nutrition experts recommend in general, Daily yogurt card direct into 1000-1200 , Average to three meals a day , then a meal intake 350-400 cards. But the market can of yogurt contains about 200 calories card , Is within the range of calories a meal , a meal eat a jar of yogurt , Low calorie , nutrition is not balanced, it is hard to produce satiety .

Yogurt, yogurt drinks PK

Yogurt is made ​​from high quality milk after adding lactic acid fermentation , However, a yogurt drink only drink . Both on the nutrient content varies widely , Nutritional yogurt drink yogurt only about 1/3 . Therefore, our friends in the purchase of yogurt products in time to see yogurt , Or yogurt drink it.

milk yogurt PK

Many people will ask , in the end is good yogurt or milk is good ? Actually, there is no big difference in nutritional value , But yogurt than milk easier allowing the body to digest and absorb , So yogurt is more higher nutrient utilization . The more sugar in milk is lactose, Some people lack the digestive enzyme lactase , Affect lactose digestion, absorption and utilization , So there will be stomach discomfort after drinking milk or even diarrhea cases , At this point it can be yogurt instead of milk.


Yogurt should be how storage ?

It must be placed inside the refrigerator , And do you want to limit temperature , Because lactic acid bacteria at 0 ℃ to 7 ℃ environment will stop growing, And as the ambient temperature rises , Lactic acid bacteria multiply rapidly , rapid death , This time, no viable yogurt became acidic dairy products, Its nutritional value will be greatly reduced . Yogurt in the open , it is best to drink within 2 hours .


Full lose weight eating yogurt Precautions

1, not heated : the activity of probiotics in yogurt , If the heating or diluted with water , will be a lot of death , Not only the unique taste is gone, the nutritional value will be wiped out .

2, do the same clothes with certain medications : chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics, Sulfa drugs and some drugs for treating diarrhea , Will kill or destroy the activity of probiotics in yogurt .

3 , not fasting yogurt : fasting drink yogurt , health weakened .

After dinner drink yogurt , probiotics can help gastrointestinal motility, Against harmful bacteria, improve gastrointestinal environment, and maintain intestinal health.


Small TIPS:

Yogurt market now , in order to better taste, Tend to add a lot of sugar, Small jar of yogurt contain calories is very high , But also add food coloring , making color better . Therefore, using the yogurt diet drink some sugar free yogurt , Consumption of skim milk is preferably made ​​of yogurt ,